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Favipiravir study #9 of 12
2/4 Early, Late
Uçan et al., Research Square, doi:10.21203/ (Preprint)
Benefits of Treatment With Favipiravir in Hospitalized Patients for COVID-19: a Retrospective Observational Case-control Study
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Retrospective 144 COVID-19 patients in Turkey, one group receiving FPV after a mean of 4.7 days, a second group after a mean of 8.6 days, and all groups receiving HCQ. No improvement in clinical outcomes was seen with the addition of FPV, however the groups are not comparable and no adjustments were made. FPV was first used in patients whose clinical condition worsened or whose pneumonia findings progressed, while later patients started FPV treatment early.

Uçan et al., 2/4/2021, retrospective, Turkey, Middle East, preprint, 8 authors.
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